A - Wurf - 02.08.2010 - alle Welpen vergeben

5  Rüden & 2 Hündinnen

Good Luck Yankee

Real Gold's Push the Button

Farbe/Colour: golden
Wurftag/DOB: 30.04.2005
Vater/Sire: FTCH TNT's Stanley Steamer
Mutter/Dam: Emberain's Amiable Ultimatum***
Züchter/Breeder Suzanne Burr

HD B1, ED 0/0,

Augen frei 12/13

PRA clear

Ergebnisse/Results: WT-Open, BLP, FT, WeT, FW:sg


Farbe/Colour: golden
Wurftag/DOB: 18.01.2007
Vater/Sire: FTCH TNT's Explosion
Mutter/Dam: Real Gold Wraith Hi-Ki Diva***
Züchter/Breeder Nicholasz Staszko

HD B, ED 0/0, OCD frei

Augen frei 2009

PRA clear, GMRD clear


WT-Open, WeT, 




Lightning Fast American Spirit Rüde  HD A, ED/OCD frei, prcd-PRA clear

        Dummyarbeit / Wien 

    verstorben 2014 - Epilepsie

Lightning Fast American Twister Rüde prcd-PRA clear WT - L / Wien 
Lightning Fast American Crossfire Rüde HD A, ED frei, prcd-PRA clear

      Dummyarbeit / Slowakei 

    verstorben 2015 - Lymphom

Lightning Fast American Adventure Rüde HD/ED frei, prcd-PRA clear Dummyarbeit + Obedience / Kärnten 
Lightning Fast American HistoryX Rüde prcd-PRA clear verstorben 2000 - Autounfall 
Lightning Fast American Nova Hündin prcd-PRA clear

             Agility / Schweiz

    verstorben 2014 - Lymphom 

Lightning Fast American Diva Hündin prcd-PRA clear Jagdlich geführt / Tirol 

Pedigree - A-Wurf

Good Luck Yankee FC AFC OTCh FTCH AFTCH TNT's Stanley Steamer UDX WCX MH OBHF FDHF OS FTCH AFTCH Cedarpond's RV *** FDHF OS FTCH AFTCH Shurmarks Split Decision***FDHF OS
NAFTCH FTCH Brasdors Razzle Dazzle *** FDHF OD
Brassfire's Mustang Sally MNH MH WCX ** OD GMHR Anya's Brassy Boss MH WCX
MHR Sungolds Super Brass MH CDX WCX
Emberain's Amiable Ultimatum *** FC Wraiths HTR MN Bro Macdhuibh OS Wraith's Duncan MH *** OS
Hunter's Moon Madcap ***OD
Emberain All Buttered Up CDX JH MX MXJ WC OD AFC Glenhavens Dvil's Advocate MH WCX FDHF OS
Emberain Jelly Side Up JH WC OD

Real Gold's Push the Button

FC AFC FTCH AFTCH Can. OTCH TNT's Explosion Am. UD, FDHF, OS Cdn FDHF, OBHF Wraith's Duncan MH *** OS NAFC FC Topbrass Cotton OS/FDHF
Emberain Lady Nell CD *** OD
Mo's FarToGo Speedy Peach JH*** WCX OD FC AFC Windbreakers Mighty Mo OS FDHF
HRCH Wasatch's Desert Jasmine MH OD

Real Gold Wraith Hi-Ki Diva ***

FC Wraiths HTR MN Bro Macdhuibh OS Wraith's Duncan MH *** OS
Hunter's Moon Madcap ***OD
Highland Kiowa Shooting Star MH*** OD MHR Kiowa Kaelan of Golden Pond MH WCX OS
Highland Sunfire Rip Rorin' CDX MH WCX OD Can CD WCX